Code of Conduct & Ethics

This code of conduct contains the Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates (ATCUAE) guidelines and expectations concerning the behaviour and conduct of our employees, officials and other persons under our direction or representing us ("Representatives") at any time or in any place including, without limitation:

  • At all ATCUAE sanctioned motor sport or other events (social events, etc.),
  • While travelling to or from event venues;
  • While officiating at the events abroad under an ATCUAE officials licence;
  • At all other times at which Representatives are wearing ATCUAE branded apparel or uniforms, whether compulsorily or by choice;
  • While communicating on the official social media resources (Facebook, Twitter).

This Code of Conduct, as amended from time to time, binds all Representatives.


  • Acknowledge that the ATCUAE carries on the business of providing fair, safe and socially responsible motor sport, an activity which is, therefore, vulnerable if its media, public or professional image is tarnished in any way,
  • Act professionally and represent the ATCUAE in a professional manner at all times,
  • Representatives must not publicly do or say (or omit to do or say) anything which is (or may be construed as) detrimental, prejudicial, offensive or unfavourable to the ATCUAE’s sponsors (or persons or entities related to our sponsors legally or professionally), or which might generate unfavourable or undesirable criticism of them or of any of their products, services or personnel.

Good sportsmanship

Acknowledge that part of the activity is in the highly publicised and visible activity of motor sport and must behave towards others in a sportsmanlike manner.


Representatives must not behave in a manner that exhibits bias or commit any premeditated breach of the law or privately imposed rules or regulations.

Compliance to the law

Representatives must comply with all laws, statutes, rules, codes of practice, regulations or by-laws, in force from time to time, whether relating to ATCUAE, motor sport in general or any applicable other matter.

Consideration of ATCUAE, event organisers and key stakeholders

Representatives must recognise the authority of, and comply with the rules, regulations, determinations, resolutions, directions or orders from time to time in force or made of all organisations and professional bodies which control motor sport or any other aspect of the sport from time to time, in particular, but not limited to, safety and disciplinary matters. Compliance to venue rules Representatives must observe and perform the terms and conditions of any lease, license, entry ticket or other agreement in force for any venue used for any event and comply with any applicable rules or regulations affecting the use of the venue or any instructions including Stewards of the meeting instructions, or requests made by or on behalf of the owner, lessee or licensee of the venue. Representatives must treat venue’s property with respect and care.

Compliance to health, safety and other issues

Representatives comply with the ATCUAE Occupational Health and Safety Policy, all laws and legal procedures and all manuals and lawful directions issued by ATCUAE from time to time, particularly concerning health and safety.

Respect of intellectual property

Without limiting their obligations, Representatives must not do (or omit to do) or be involved in the doing (or omission) of any act or thing by which intellectual property rights owned by ATCUAE may be lost or detrimentally affected. In addition, Representatives shall not release documents or other information acquired during their duties without the authorisation of ATCUAE.

Appropriate appearance

Representatives must exhibit an appropriate standard of dress, cleanliness and appearance and, when required to do so, wear and maintain in a clean and presentable condition the apparel or uniform issued by us or our partners / sponsors in its entirety and without modification.

Exercise common sense

Representatives must recognise that the conduct by them on behalf of ATCUAE, including, without limitation, motor sport events, is by its nature hazardous and must, therefore, exercise common sense at all times.


In case of any issues or problems in any motorsport event held under the ATCUAE jurisdiction inside or outside the UAE, all volunteers (Holding the ATCUAE Officials license) are expected to go through the correct channel in reporting any incident in writing to the ATC Volunteer manager, who in turn, brings it to the attention of the ATCUAE Motorsport Director if deems necessary. Any breach in the line of communication means that the volunteer does not consider him/herself as part of the Volunteers community, therefore will be asked to withdraw from all motorsport events and his/her officials license removed.

The ATCUAE is committed to sustainable development. We recognise that we have a vital role to play in delivering a better quality of life and environment for everyone in the UAE, both now and for future generations. We are committed to achieving continuous environmental improvement in all our activities and services. We will strive to reduce our own impact and make every effort to promote awareness of local and global issues that will facilitate sustainable development practices.

To achieve this we aim to:

  • Promote awareness and a sense of environmental responsibility amongst employees and volunteers,
  • Assess the environmental impact and take steps to continuously improve all significant effects,
  • Comply with applicable laws and legal requirements
  • Use resources more efficiently, thereby reducing consumption,
  • Minimise waste, promote recycling and the use of recycled materials.