Kuwait Is Ready for Circuit Racing

Circuit officials’ safety training was jointly delivered by the Emirates Motorsports Organisation (EMSO) and the Automobile & Touring Club of Lebanon (ATCL) at the Kuwait Motor Town on September 23-26.

The FIA-appointed global training providers, EMSO and ATCL sent their senior trainers to Kuwait on request of the local motorsport governing body, Kuwait International Automobile Club (KIAC) to deliver comprehensive training for its motorsport volunteers and officials.

Motorsport Knowledge Institute (MKI) and Skills & More are the EMSO’s and ATCL’s training arms in the UAE and Lebanon respectively and they have delivered officials safety and young drivers training in over 50 countries on all continents. Thousand of trainees have been licenced by their home motorsport governing bodies and delivered dozens of circuit and offroad events, national, regional and international.

Training curriculum for Kuwait covered all the key knowledge areas that are required for the delivery of safe and successful motorsport events at the brand new Kuwait Motor Town circuit which opened its doors late 2018. This state of the art 5.68km long Grade One track also has karting circuit, drag strip, motocross and autocross tracks.

120 volunteer marshals attended intensive 3-day training course. Their knowledge of the safety regulations, flags, intervention and recovery procedures and radio communications has been tested after the course to assist KIAC with licencing of its officials.

On September 26th officials who will be performing senior roles had another long training day with focus on race control operations, team management and safety procedures.

Later in October Kuwaiti medical and recovery teams will receive specialty training from EMSO’s and ATCL’s subject matter experts.

“The FIA Sport Grant Program is hugely important for the development of officials’ safety knowledge and I am happy to see Kuwait benefiting from the FIA resources and the knowledge we have developed at EMSO and ATCL” said Mohammed Ben Sulayem, EMSO President and FIA Vice-President for Sport.

“We feel we have benefited from the knowledge that extremely knowledgeable trainers from the MKI and Skills & More shared with the Kuwaiti officials. This is the foundation for the delivery of safe and successful events at the Kuwait Motor Town” added Mr. Essa Hamza, KIAC President.

According to the ATCL Vice-President Mr. Imad Lahoud “training and licencing of motorsport officials is of paramount importance for every motorsport governing body” and “Skills & More and MKI senior trainers have all the competencies to help us grow the sport in MENA region”.

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