Become A Carnet Holder

Kindly contact ATCUAE’s TIR Department to obtain TIR admission kit:

  • Bubindren Sampath Kumar 
    Head of TIR & IRU Academy
    Dubai: P.O. Box 5078, Dubai, UAE
  • Ext: 130,120,121 
  • Fax: +971 42 961133

Minimum criteria to become a TIR Carnet Holder

  • Proven experience or, at least, capability to engage in regular international transport (holder of a license for carrying out international transport, etc.).
  • Sound financial standing
  • Proven knowledge in the application of the TIR Convention
  • Absence of serious or repeated offences against Customs or tax legislation.
  • An undertaking in a written declaration of commitment to the association by having them signing the Declaration of Engagement and the Holder’s Manual.
  • NOC from the Federal Customs Authorities.