The UAE Motorsport Marshals’ Club was founded by the Automobile and Touring Club of United Arab Emirates (ATCUAE).

The UAE Motorsport Marshals’ Club was founded by the Automobile and Touring Club of United Arab Emirates (ATCUAE) in 2009 to:

  • Manage and promote the growth of a national framework of motorsport officials
  • Run the motorsport events in UAE in a safe and professional manner.

The ATCUAE recognises that the UAE is socially and culturally diverse, and believes that its work is enriched by the varying qualities and experience brought by UAE residents of different origins. The diversity of this group is recognised, respected and valued. As of today, the UAEMMC has over a 1,000 members from 64 different nationalities, with all officials trained and recognised.

The UAEMMC encourages people of many nationalities and backgrounds to join the club for the benefit of both motorsport in general and for the United Arab Emirates. The UAEMMC is also committed to helping UAE Nationals demonstrate their skills, ability and experience through the realisation of their potential and, as a result, improve employment and career opportunities.

A positive, proactive and forward thinking organisation, the UAEMMC is committed to developing a robust culture of volunteer officials in UAE motorsport as well as connecting people within the diverse Emirati society. To learn more about becoming a volunteer motorsport official, please contact [email protected], and join the Facebook group at UAE Motorsport Marshals Club for information about upcoming events.


One of the oldest national organizations in the United Arab Emirates, the Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE) marked its golden jubilee in 2015.

Since its inception in 1965, ATCUAE has played a leading role in the development of motorsport on both the national and international level. Today, it governs approximately 140 competitive events forming the UAE motorsport calendar, and covering disciplines such as circuit racing, rallying, drag racing and motocross.

The ATCUAE is the country’s sole representative of the FIA, automobile sport's world governing body, and its motorcycling and karting equivalents, the FIM and CIK respectively. Its primary responsibilities are to promote the safe and sustainable growth of motorsport in the UAE, and to ensure all events are run fairly and to regulation.

The organization is also a member of FIVA, the international body for classic vehicles, and the IRU, the International Road Transport Union. The ATCUAE is accredited by the UAE National Olympic Committee.