UAE Motorsport Marshals Club supplies officials for 140+ events held in United Arab Emirates per annum.

Due to a transient nature of our society we are constantly recruiting new volunteers and training is carried out throughout the year. Training is available for officials at all stages of their motorsport career lifecycle. We provide a combination of classroom and practical training and do our best to incorporate the new officials in motorsport meetings as observers at the early stages to give a feel of the sport and officials jobs.

We have a number of specialty groups where it takes longer to build the competencies required for performing officials duties (ie rescue, extrication, recovery). Much more commitment is required to join these groups that meet and practice quite frequently, sometimes on a weekly basis in the build up to a big meeting.

Training is linked to motorsport events to maximise the retention of knowledge and skills of the trainees.

We’ve also launched e-mentorship program to further encourage and promote knowledge transfer in times free from events and training activities.

We have 53 senior trainers that speak 12 languages, including English, Arabic, Hindi / Urdu and Russian (spoken by 2.5 billion people worldwide).

We have 18 qualified assessors who help us to evaluate the officials training and performance, as well as the overall quality of motorsport events in UAE.

We are doing our very best to keep the curriculum current and to incorporate all the latest developments and findings in the motorsport field.

Safety of the officials is our biggest priority, they are only allowed to perform their roles once we have a proof of their competency to do so.

Here in UAE we are lucky to have the best sporting venues and terrain for the best motorsport events. And we certainly believe we have the best officials to run them !