Media Skill Assessment

The talent identification section of UAE Motorsport Star was conducted as follows.

Initial Selection Process

The first step was to identify a shortlist of suitable candidates for the programme. This was done by the ATCUAE, with input from motorsport clubs in the region. As professional motorsport is still a growing community in the UAE, officials at the ATCUAE were quickly able to identify the five most suitable candidates for the programme. All were then contacted and enthusiastically accepted the offer of taking part.

Candidate Testing

A two day assessment of the five candidates was held in Dubai on the 6th and 7th July 2011. Personnel from the ATCUAE, the University of Ulster and the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare put the young drivers through a series of three tests, before performing individual interviews between each candidate and a panel of experts. The details of each test and the panel interview are listed below.

Media Skills Assessment

This test was administered by Mr Sean O'Connor. The capacity to perform well on television is critical to a young driver's career development, as it provides teams and sponsors with the media return and brand image that they want. A strong media presence is also a powerful tool to create personal supporters both among the local and international populations. While the capacity to entertain and give information in Arabic is important in the UAE and Arab world, it is extremely valuable to be able to do effective interviews in English once a driver begins competing overseas.

  • Session 1: Editorial Control/Preparation - 6+ minutes
  • Session 2: Editorial Control - 3 minutes
  • Session 3: Brief Interview - 1 minute
  • Session 4: Sound Bite - 15 seconds

Mr O'Connor provided a debrief to the candidates following each session, informing them of how to improve their performance in the future.

Physiological Assessment Conducted by Dr Gareth Davidson, this assessment featured the drivers performing different physiological tests that displayed a profile of their individual physical fitness and stamina levels. The following tests were conducted at the sports facilities of Dubai Men's College:

  • Test 1: Aerobic Fitness Test
  • Test 2: Lactate Threshold Test
  • Test 3: Maximal Heart rate Test
  • Test 4: Body Composition Test
  • Test 5: Strength Test
  • Test 6: Flexibility Test
  • Test 7: Hydration Status Test

Motorsport competitors are athletes and to be successful, they must take serious care of their bodies. Indeed, given the speeds and dangers involved in the sport, the pressure put on drivers hearts and muscles often surpass that of athletes in other sports.