Officials License

There is a clearly defined path of how an official can progress in his/her motorsport career and move up the officials’ ladder, from a trainee to an ASN appointed senior official:


Trainee – those with no previous motor sport experience, or with an insufficient amount of experience, who are capable of working under direct supervision at all events;

Grade C – those with required motorsport officiating experience who are capable of working under indirect supervision;

Grade B – officials with motor sport experience qualified to work without supervision, and are capable of performing the role of a team leader (may take responsibility for other officials). Independent / deputies level;

Grade A – those qualified to work without supervision, and be team leaders and specialty group leaders;

ASN Appointed - those appointed by the management of the ATCUAE (i.e. senior officials: CoC, Steward, Secretary of the Meeting, Chief Marshal).

Note: we also issue one-event Observer licences for 18+ years old people who are interested in marshalling, and who are not allowed to perform any role but allowed to observe the performance of officials.

Licence Requirements & Upgrade

The grade of a licence depends on the amount of training received (there is competency based training available for every specialty area) and event experience (number of meetings attended).

The ASN has the right to appoint senior officials based on their motorsport credentials.

Please, refer to the ATCUAE Grading & Licensing System chart below to see how you can progress within your specialty area.

When you are ready to upgrade your licence you must request event assessment that will be conducted by one of our assessors. Upgrading to a Grade A licence requires recommendation from both the assessor and your senior.

Please, notice that upgrades are competency based and although a formal criteria has to be met (training and a required number of events), it will mostly depend on your performance where skills and knowledge have been demonstrated over a period of time, observed by your seniors and reviewed by an assessor.

Upgrading Approvals Panel (UAP)

The UAE Motorsport Officials Commission (UAEMOC) has appointed an independent Upgrading Approvals Panel consisting of senior officials who are responsible for studying upgrade requests and granting permissions to upgrade.

UAP will study your credentials and mentor’s / referee’s feedback, and will schedule a field assessment if you qualify for an upgrade.

Upgrade of an official’s licence is competency based and in cases where an upgrade has been refused, an official will be provided with a plan and recommendations on how to address knowledge and skills gaps.

The UAP can be contacted at Please put ‘UAP’ in the subject of your message.

Maintenance Requirements

All the officials are required to attend maintenance / refreshment training once a year.

Please, refer to the 2011-2012 events & training calendar. You can also access the list through your personal profile at and register for events and training sessions.

Recognition of Prior Learning or Experience

The UAE is a transient country and thousands of expats from all over the world move in every year. Our officials have various skills, training and experience and we are happy to recognise it to:

Issue an ATCUAE Official's licence of a Similar Grade

If one has previous marshalling experience, we will study it to establish what grade of the officials’ licence you qualify for in the framework of the UAE motorsport practice.

Please submit to the UAP the evidence of your training and/or experience, such as (but not limited to):

  • A Non Objection Certificate (NOC) from your home ASN / Club to hold a licence in UAE;
  • Copy of the officials licence that you currently hold or held in the past;
  • Your motorsport bio;
  • Copy of the officials log-book;
  • Copies of any motorsport related certificates / awards of participation, recognition or achievements that you hold;
  • Any other evidence of experience / training that you may have.

The UAP reserves the right to collect further references from the Club / ASN that issued you a licence, especially if one is aiming for a senior official’s role.

We recognise the licences issued by ASNs that have been recognized as Regional Training Providers (RTPs) by the FIA Institute which are the following: MSA (UK) and CAMS (Australia). Officials who hold licences with either MSA or CAMS do not need to submit the evidence of experience, just a copy of the licence and an NOC. They will be exempt from field assessment and a licence of the corresponding grade will be issued immediately.

If you hold or held a licence with an ASN other than CAMS or MSA, the UAP will arrange field assessment and will then evaluate your credentials and performance report.

Exemption from Certain Elements of Training

We believe that practice makes perfect, and this is reflected in our officials’ upgrade and maintenance requirements.

However, as we are dealing with volunteers from various professional backgrounds, we do have officials who do for a living what we train our officials to perform in a regulated motorsport environment.

Such officials may be exempt from certain modules of training. Professionals with 10+ years of experience and / or high rank in a relevant industry will be also assessed and evaluated as potential trainers.

This applies to:

  • Fire fighting – fire & rescue and emergency services employees will be exempt from fire training exercises;
  • Medical – officials holding a medical diploma / working as medics are exempt from First Aid module.

If you fit the above mentioned criteria, please, visit ATCUAE office or send the request to