Eligibility & Prize

Eligible candidates for the UAE Motorsport Star programme must meet the following criteria:

  • 16 to 25 years old
  • Competing successfully in four wheel (rallying, karting, or circuit racing) competition to at least a national level
  • Holder of a valid national racing license issued by the ATCUAE
  • Have adequate ability in spoken and written English (their first language need not be English).

A driver will only be nominated for consideration by the FIA Institute if they ALSO meet their separate eligibility criteria.


The selected driver(s) will attend an intensive, week long training session with the sport scientists at the Sports Institute of Northern Ireland, home of the regions elite athlete development resources, and based at the University of Ulster. During this week long training course, the driver(s) will receive expert coaching in the following areas:

  • Lifestyle Behaviour (inside and outside of racing)
  • Introducing deliberate practice, practice histories, and performance profiling
  • Structuring physical practice, scheduling, and visual training
  • Motivation to achieve (process and outcome goals)
  • Positive self-talk (staying in focus and decision making under pressure)
  • Developing mental toughness
  • Strength and conditioning training to build the muscles required for racing endurance
  • Injury avoidance
  • Nutritional advice and hydration procedures

All Expenses will be paid for by the ATCUAE. The trip to the University of Ulster is scheduled for early September 2011.