The UAE Motorsport Star programme has been fortunate to have the involvement of Dubai Television, the main broadcaster in the Emirate of Dubai, but shown throughout the region

Dubai Sports will film, and air, two television specials on the UAE Motorsport Star programme; one that will cover the candidate testing process in Dubai from July, and the second that will focus on the September trip to Northern Ireland for the intensive training course. These two hour long television shows will effectively function as advertising for the ATCUAE, demonstrating both the work done by the organisation in the development of Emirati sport, and encouraging more young people in the UAE to participate in Motorsport. It will also be hugely beneficial for the five young drivers, who will have their profiles raised, and attract more fans and sponsors as a result.

The ATCUAE have also been fortunate enough to gain the support of UAE based Sport 360, the worlds only daily English language sports newspaper. Sport 360 will publish a daily diary written by the motorsport star(s) during the trip to Northern Ireland.

UAE Motorsport Stars has already received some coverage from the international media. Due to the involvement of the University of Ulster, it was reported on in one of Northern Irelands leading Newspapers, and it has also attracted the interest of Northern Irish television news, who may produce a feature on the programme.

The involvement of key television and print media outlets are vital to the success of the UAE Motorsport Star Programme. If it is not properly communicated to the general public, the programme will not meet its objective of educating the population about UAE motorsport and the importance of sport science.

Strong media coverage of the event is also vital for the ATCUAE, who have worked long and hard to develop motorsport in the UAE. The ATCUAE are keen to demonstrate that motorsport is a real sport, from karting right up to Formula One, and that it can be a legitimate career choice for young people with enough talent. The media coverage helps prove to the government, population, and sponsors, that the motorsport community in the UAE is growing bigger year on year, and that it is easy to get involved, as a competitor, an official, or just as a spectator.