Assessor Profiles

H.E. Mohammed Ben Sulayem

Mohammed Ben Sulayem is President of the Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE, Vice-President of the FIA, and Chairman of the Institute for Sport Research in the UAE. He is one of the Arab world’s most famous sportsmen, having won a record 14 FIA Middle East Rally Championship titles, making him the most successful FIA title holder in the world. This successful career includes 61 international outings in the European, African, Middle East and World Rally Championships. He is also Chairman of the Organising Committee for the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, a race that he founded in 1991 and has become the first round of the FIA Cross-Country Rally World Cup. He is a founding member of the Arab Council of Touring and Automobile Clubs, which aims to unite the FIA Clubs of Arabic-speaking territories. He is a keen advocate of education and the creation of knowledge in sport. In 2010 in conjunction with the University of Ulster he established the Institute of Sports Research UAE, which allows people working in motorsport and other sports to pursue postgraduate degrees by research. He is also co-editor of Sports Management in the Middle East,the first academic book to be published on the subject, where Ben Sulayem is the author of the chapter on Governance and Ethics in sport.

Mr Khalid Al-Hussein

Khalid Abdullah Al-Hussien graduated in 1995 from Al Ain University with a BSc in physical education, and is currently the Director of Sport Management at the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare. Between 1994 and 2010, Khalid has participated in, and completed, 37 seminars and training programs, including ones on sports education, public relations for sports & youth institutions, sports marketing for the GCC, and business management and leadership. From 1997 to the current, he has held 56 positions in different sporting commissions and has been presented with a recognition award from the GCC Sport Committee for his efforts in developing sport and culture within the Gulf.

Mr Mahir Badri

Mahir Badri is the Chief Executive Officer of the Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE. He is the holder of an MBA from the University of Strathclyde, undertaking his thesis on the business model of Formula One. He worked previously in the telecommunications industry and is currently undertaking a PHD at the University of Ulster in motorsport management. He has been involved in the delivery of all major UAE motorsport events including the Dubai International Rally, Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, and the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix. Mr Badri has been closely involved in the development of the regional FIA strategy for motorsport.

Dr David Hassan

A Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow at the University of Ulster, Dr Hassan is one of Europe's most respected researchers in the field of sport. A prolific academic writer and editor, Dr Hassan has conducted research projects on behalf of organisations such as the FIA, the Irish Football Association, and the Special Olympics. He is also a Visiting Professor at Griffith University, Australia, and the University of Technology, Sydney.

Dr. Sean O'Connor

Dr. Sean O Connor has thirty years experience in the marketing and management of international sport. In the early 1980s he pioneered the communication of the successful Marlboro motorsport programme in the Middle East and later WRC. He was the co founder and promoter of Rally Ireland, which generated the highest TV figures on its debut in the WRC series. He has lectured at the Dublin Institute of Technology where he was awarded an MPhil in 2005; he holds an MA from DCU in Political Communication and successfully defended his PhD  at the University of Ulster in 2011. He is a Director of the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE and is Vice Chairman of the Institute of Sport Research based in the UAE.


Dr Gareth Davison

Dr Davison is a senior lecturer in the physiology of exercise and has worked at the University of Ulster since 2002. He is currently Course Director for the MSc in Physical Activity and Population Health, and is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. He is on the advisory board of the Journal of Sport Science, and is also a member of the editorial board of the World Journal of Diabetes. He has previously conducted research for organisations as diverse as the Sports Council for Northern Ireland and Coca-Cola.

Dr Tadhg MacIntyre

A noted sports psychologist and the Course Director for the MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Ulster. Among his recent research projects has been a study into the cognitive coping strategies of K2 Mountaineers. He is a member of the Professional Quality Assurance Panel for the Irish Institute of Sport, an international affiliate of the American Psychological Association, and a member of the editorial board of the International Review of Sport & Exercise Psychology.