About Road Safety

The major factors impacting road safety & causing fatal traffic injuries are speeding, failure to use seat belts and child safety seats. The United Arab Emirates has an advanced & well developed infrastructure that already helps keeping our roads safe. Below are a few extra tips to help make it easier for road safety for you and those around you. Remember, safety first is safety always.


1. Fasten your seat belt at all times

Properly fasten your seat belt no matter how short the journey is Protect children in your vehicle. Use child safety seats.


2. Keep your hands on your driving wheel

Avoid talking over the phone unless you pull over. Stay focused on the road at all times.


3. Be aware of your surroundings

Check traffic in all directions before entering an intersection. Watch out for pedestrians, children playing and motorcycle or bicycle riders.


4. Obey the speed limit

Roads are monitored with speed limit cameras for our safety. Slow down when road or weather conditions are poor. Remember, speed shortens your life not your journey.


5. Keep a distance

Leave space between your vehicle and others around you while driving to have room to stop or maneuver in case of emergency or sudden stops.


6. Use your mirrors

Look in your mirrors & shoulder check before you change lanes or reverse. Always check your blind spot. Sometimes drivers around you can't see your turning signal.


7. Obey traffic control signs or devices

Do not cross a red light at any time.
A yellow light means slow down to clear the intersection not try to beat the light. A stop sign means come to a complete stop to check the road before crossing.


8. Service your vehicle regularly

Make sure all your lights are working properly, signal lights & break lights so others know what you are going to do.
A well maintained vehicle is a safe vehicle


9. Practice courtesy at all time

Share the road. Do not cut people off or make sudden lane changes.


10. Drive alert

Avoid driving under medication that cause drowsiness, and always keep in mind that fatigue or stress affect your driving. Be smart; Be safe.



"Better a thousand times careful than once dead"